We’ll deliver your music everywhere that matters: the most popular digital music platforms of today, tomorrow, and the years to come.
With 150+ digital distribution partners (and more being added all the time) we’ll get your music for sale in more places than any other music distributor.

Through our indie distribution partnership,
your music will be distributed in the following outlets.

When you want to buy music online, iTunes is the number 1 place to go. Since iTunes launched and exploded with popularity in 2003 Apple have also made the big move into music streaming.
In just a few years Apple Music has fought it’s way to the top and now stands side-by-side with the world’s biggest music streaming services.

“What’s that song?” A familiar question in anyone’s life, and no longer rhetorical thanks to Shazam. Using it’s incredible database Shazam is capable of detecting songs in seconds and telling you all you want to know about them. If you want make sure people know your name when they hear your tunes Shazam is a must.

Spotify are the biggest name in streaming right now with tens-of-millions of listeners around the world tuning in to their massive platform filled with music, fun and exploration. Founded by Daniel Ek in his home country Sweden, Spotify has spread it’s reach to every corner of the globe with it’s beloved streaming service.

Amazon have dipped their toes into a lot of pools and they certainly haven’t missed music. We work with all 3 of Amazon’s digital music services (yes, they have 3). Amazon Music Unlimited is their take on a traditional streaming service, Amazon MP3 is their downloads store which allows you purchase digital music from the Amazon site, and then there’s Prime music which comes with Prime and offers a stripped down version of Music Unlimited. That’s just about it, phew!

Google proudly run both a digital music store and a music streaming service called Google Play Music. Their streaming platform comes as default in most Android phones meaning their reach is massive and home to one of the biggest digital music stores since iTunes.

Deezer is France’s answer to streaming music. Deezer is one of the few platforms, including Spotify, to offer both free and paid music streaming. Building it’s way up from launch in 2007 Deezer has expanded across the world to become one of the top streaming contenders.

SoundCloud are responsible for building one of the biggest, brightest and best communities of music fans and creators online. With their open platform allowing anyone to share their music with the world it has become a hub for millions. Putting independence first SoundCloud have built thousands of artists careers with a free, open platform to share and grow music. With our SoundCloud Network we help artists make money from their music whilst keeping it free for listeners.

If you don’t know YouTube then welcome to the internet! Home to the biggest, most popular collection of videos on the web it’s a one stop shop for everything moving picture. We work with YouTube running a Network that helps creators get paid. We also work with YouTube’s Content ID which helps to protect music from being stolen and placed in any other videos as well as inclusion in YouTube’s subscription products.

TIDAL is Jay-Z’s answer to a streaming service that is as much about the artists as the listeners. They became one of the first services to offer high fidelity, FLAC music streaming. They also boast higher payouts than the majority of other streaming services – because they’re for the artist!